Sustainable Practices


The sourcing of our produce is of the utmost importance. Not only does the quality of ingredients define the final taste, but we consider it our responsibility to work with suppliers that also uphold our own ethical and sustainable values and strive to maintain our high standards at every step of the process.

To minimise our carbon footprint, we primarily partner with UK-based companies for our ingredients. We also require all of our suppliers to provide us with regular traceability reports, so we can be confident that our ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced. Furthermore, we make it a point to visit our suppliers whenever possible to gain a deeper understanding of their production processes and ensure that we’re only purchasing the best ingredients available.

When it comes to fish, we always seek our supplier’s advice on what is most sustainable at the time of ordering. This is because we understand that sustainable fishing practices are essential for the health of our oceans and the longevity of our seafood industry. By working closely with our suppliers and making informed choices about our ingredients, we’re able to provide our customers with delicious, high-quality meals that they can feel good about.

The Fine Cheese Co.

A strong supporter of the independent retailer – after all they are an independent retailer themselves. None of The Fine Cheese Co. ranges of products will ever be sold in a British supermarket.

HG Walter​

HG Walter meat is predominantly sourced from small farms rearing free-range native breeds, such as Hereford and Aberdeen Angus cattle and Hampshire Duroc pigs. Sustainability is also a priority with livestock contributing to a biodiverse landscape contrary to the destructive nature associated with much larger scale farms.

Flying Fish​

Flying Fish have created a sustainability and ethical philosophy that embodies and embraces the key elements that their suppliers, customers and employers are working towards. They are active in the Cornwall community through schools, businesses and charities in association with the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts, to enthuse children and others about seafood and where their seafood comes from.


Shrub works exclusively with small scale, high quality, regenerative growers. They believe there is a growing necessity for complete transparency and integrity in our supply chains not just for our health, our natural world and wild places but our local economies, cultures and a secure food future.

Grind Coffee​

The coffee pods are certified organic by the Soil Association and ethically sourced from sustainable farms around the world with fully recyclable & home-compostable packaging.

Island Chocolate​

Believe the people who grow the cacao are best-qualified to craft the finest chocolate. We’re on a mission to change people’s understanding of chocolate, championing a much more sustainable, long-term, ‘seed-to-bar’ movement.”


Quatra collects used cooking oil in a sustainable manner and processes the collected oil into a raw material for the production of 2nd generation bio-diesel (bio-diesel from waste).


We use a fleet of eco-friendly hybrid vehicles for all our deliveries and courier needs.