Office Drop-Offs

If you’re looking for easy and convenient in-office catering, we can deliver straight to your door.

Our services include a variety of healthy and nourishing breakfast options, platters, sandwiches, fresh salads, vibrant seasonal lunch buffets and fun and made-to-order egg or pancake stations. Whatever your needs, our team is always ready to work with you to customise the menu and service to meet your needs to the highest standards.

Office drop-off catering

Exceptional catering, tailored to your needs.

We use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients to prepare our food, ensuring that each dish is packed with flavour and nutrition, and whether your guests and staff are gluten and dairy-free, vegetarian or vegan, we can provide you with a range of delicious dishes that cater to all dietary requirements.

When catering for offices, we are able to provide you with our highly experienced waiting staff. We take pride in offering a professional and friendly service that is tailored to your needs and our goal is to ensure complete satisfaction with our food and service for both you and your team. Leave it to us to take care of you and enjoy a stress-free experience.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements

We’ve been providing catering for our staff for over a year on a monthly basis and I can confirm your dishes have been, by far, the best we have served in our offices. The quality of ingredients was amazing and the flavours were just outstanding.

Mario Toral, TLT LLP

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