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Buffets & Bowls

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Buffets & Bowls

There’s no compromise.

The word “buffet” may conjure up visions of 80s-style platters and cheese and pineapple on sticks, but not with us! We love to create a buffet and there’s absolutely no need to compromise on quality and excellence. Imagine a seemingly endless array of delicious, mouth-watering platters, crafted with only the finest, fresh ingredients. Buffets are a wonderful way of ensuring you get the best possible value from your event and we’ll serve you a buffet to remember.

Bowl food is more popular than ever and it’s a great way to cater for large gatherings when seating isn’t possible. Larger than a canapé and about a quarter of the size of a main course, it’s served in hand-sized bowls and comes ready to eat with a fork. Bowl food is a brilliant alternative to a buffet, leaving your guests to keep the conversation flowing. We’ll design it, create it and serve it to your guests. And always with a smile.