Pumpkin and goat’s cheese agnolotti


Serves 6


450g 00 pasta flour 

100g semolina 

9 x egg yolks 

300g goat’s cheese 

300g butternut squash

100g grated Parmesan 

Pinch of black pepper and salt 

Tablespoon of pumpkin seeds 

100g butter 

Thyme or dill for decoration


Mix the flour and semolina together, pour on to a table and make a well in the middle

Pour the egg yolks into the ‘well’ of the flours and, and combine using a folk

Bind the flour and eggs together, kneed for around 5mins, roll into a bowl and set aside with a bowl over it

Roast the butternut in cubes with some salt, pepper and oil at 180c for 20mins or until soft but not coloured 

In a mixing bowl add goat’s cheese with the grated Parmesan, blend until the cheeses are fully incorporated. It will look lumpy until you add in the soft, cooked butternut squash. 

Add the squash blend until smooth, taste to check for seasoning, add to a piping bag and rest until cooled which will allow the mixture to harden. 

Roll out the pasta about 1/2 cm thick to go through a pasta machine. 

Roll through the pasta machine a couple of times at level 1, refold the pasta roll out, and do this 3 times. 

Roll the pasta through the machine up to number 7

Cut the piping bag, squeeze a long line out and brush each side with water and fold over 

With your index fingers each 3cm press down 

With the pasta cutter cut along the edge, and cut backwards from the edge 

In a pan of boiling salted water, boil for around 3 minutes, or until the pasta floats to the surface 

Drain the water keeping a little to the side

Take the pasta out, add pumpkin seeds and butter, melt, add the pasta back in with water which will combine 

Taste and season, pour in to a bowl, decorate with thyme or dill