CJ Hendry exhibition launch

An Immersive Experience

For her highly anticipated UK debut show, Australian artist CJ Hendry launched an immersive experience entitled ‘Epilogue’ in Mile End’s Holy Trinity Chapel – transforming the defunct building into an enormous ‘snow globe’, dropping tonnes of recyclable white flower paper confetti from the ceiling for ten days; completely blanketing the space whilst questioning the ephemeral nature of beauty, time and mortality and transforming the exhibition’s canvas.

Such a stunning project deserved an exceptional launch to match and Zara’s Kitchen was thrilled to bring their love of art and creativity to the table. We delivered a stunning 2-course dinner for 100 guests followed by dessert canapés to conclude the evening.

All of this was served on a long table with a wall of candles running down the middle – an impressive and luminous complement to the grand surroundings and beautiful dishes. To add to the ambience, the fantastic Grand Central Trio performed live jazz throughout the evening. As the evening progressed, the food, surroundings and ambience combined effortlessly to create a truly ethereal experience.

The Food

Guests were treated to a subtle and seasonal starter of Sea Bass Ceviche, Tiger’s Milk, Lemon Oil, Spring Peas, Nasturtium Oil and Wild Garlic,

Followed by a main of Spring Lamb Rump with Gnocchi, Asparagus, Wild Garlic, Olive Salsa Verde and Fennel Tops.

Instead of a plated dessert, the client chose to end the meal with a combination of sweet canapés; Lemon and Coconut Marshmallows and White Chocolate and Hazelnut Truffles, both of which evoked the confetti petals that would gradually fill the church in the following days.

The feedback on the menu was wonderful – with many guests noting how well it paired with both the drinks and the hauntingly majestic surroundings.

Thank you for an absolutely unforgettable night. This was one of the best nights of my life and exceeded expectations

CJ Hendry

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